Yoni Crystals ROSE QUARTZ


Rose Quartz can be used to assist you to activate the Heart Chakra, to create compassion and love for self and others. May assist in the emotional healing of the heart and to forgive; and love all that life has to offer. Love Compassion Peace


Yoni Crystal AMETHYST


Each egg varies in uniqueness of color and vibration, yet will be similar to the photos in the listing.


Amethyst Quartz: This purple gemstone is connected to the brow and crown chakras. It is extremely mental, and spiritual, and perfect for the woman who desires to embrace her inner Queen. While using this crystal she may notice improved posture and enhanced intuitive ability. She may feel compelled to connect more with the heavens and the ethereal nature of life. Amethyst also has the ability to release anxiety and boost confidence. It is perfect for a woman who desires to have a very light, feminine, and divine energy about her. This stone can balance mood swings, allowing for calm or stimulation as appropriate. It allows for better rest at night, and to encourage positive and peaceful dreaming. A woman may find herself in love with all that is divine while practicing with this crystal!


A yoni egg is a high quality natural gemstone that is cut into the shape and smooth texture of an egg. The egg is inserted into the vagina, where it both strengthens and gently massages the vaginal walls. Practicing with the egg is ideal when doing yoga or participating in meditation. Over time as the pelvic floor strengthens, women can wear their eggs while going about daily life. Some women choose to use drilled eggs, which can be worn with organic hemp string for convenient removal. Eggs sometimes choose to stay in the vagina for multiple days, which is often an indicator that some extra attention is needed. Trust that the egg will release when it is ready! Visit


Yoni Crystals  CLEAR 


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Natural Top Quality Clear Crystal Yoni Egg


Yoni Crystals JADE


Our yoni eggs are a true gift from Earth ~ Handcrafted by our lapidary specialists in the U.S. it is designed to last a lifetime if cared for properly.

This is the yoni egg that started it all, the original Jade Egg! Nephrite Jade is beautifully in sync with the universe and knows just how to integrate its subtle energies into your body to create an exquisite relationship between the internal and the external. Up level your kegel exercises with the jade egg to tighten your vaginal wall and unleash your sexual power.

To help unleash this power, Nephrite Jade is there to release your limitations and guide you to step into your natural state of divine feminine. Start confidently balancing your needs by caring for your self with a vaginal exercise practice that will open you up to juicy arousal and electrifying climax. Shed those barriers, stop shying away and set that goddess within you free!


*Kegel enhancement

*Heighten orgasmic sensations

*Increase vaginal lubrication

*Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

*Awaken feminine energy


Each stone will have a unique appearance of medium to very dark green color tones.

Corresponds to the Heart Chakra

Nephrite jade is known as the dream stone because of its ability to cleanse the mind and its support of love, trustworthiness and fidelity.


To Use~


Yoni eggs are intended for internal use inside the vagina to enhance kegel exercises by acting as a vaginal weight and creating resistance.


Insert the yoni egg into the vagina with the larger end upward, begin using your vaginal muscles to grip and hug the yoni egg while you perform kegel exercises.

Yoni eggs can also be used for meditative and spiritual practices.


Yoni Crystals  OBSIDIAN


Natural mineral eggs have traditionally been used for vaginal use (to exercise the pelvic floor or as holistic therapy).


- Polished properly to respect the vaginal walls.

- Different sizes to choose, includes cord to extract them more easily.

- Since they are made of natural stone, the shape of one egg to another can vary slightly, just like the position of the cord.


It is advisable to use under the supervision of a professional therapist, especially the obsidian egg, since it is a mineral with powerful effects.


Yoni Egg