Increase your day-to-day energy with this powerhouse of Qi and Essence. This is perhaps the most potent liquid Lung Qi tonic in the world!

Three Brothers is a powerful Lung Qi and Kidney Essence tonic designed to provide endurance, energy, and Vitality. Three Brothers utilizes three super tonic herbs that strengthen Lung function and increase Qi.

Each herb is a superstar in its own right, and together combines to provide you with the ultimate Lung Qi tonic. Cordyceps is a Super Tonic herb that nourishes Kidney Yang and strengthens Lung function.

It has been a favorite of martial artists and athletes in the East for hundreds of years. Astragalus is one of the premiere Qi tonics as it increases Lung function.

Codonopsis also is a premiere Qi tonic that supports Lung and digestive function. Codonopsis also builds Lung Yin, keeping lungs moist and protected.

2 Fl. oz.

70 servings per bottle

Ideal for: Anyone seeking more energy and adaptability, athletes, busy professionals, those experiencing weak digestion, those looking to increase immune function

TCM Functions: Tonifies the Spleen and augments the Qi, Tonifies the Lungs, Augments the Kidneys and tonifies the Yang.

Usage: Take one to three squirts as needed two times per day. You can take them directly in your mouth or you can add them to teas, smoothies, or shakes.

Extract ratio: 8:1


Three Brothers