is a transformative blend of three formulas that together conform to the ancient Oriental wisdom of "cultivating the interior so that the exterior may radiate." Goddess Pack not only enhances physical beauty but also beauty of the mind and spirit, radiating in the form of calm confidence and peaceful openness.

The first formula in this product, Timeless Beauty, is composed of our legendary tonic herbs known to enhance beauty from within.

A favorite of the Imperial Courts of China and beautiful women of the Orient, these herbs have been revered and used for thousands of years. Beautiful skin requires healthy blood and this formula features herbs that nourish, cleanse, and vitalize the blood.

The second formula in this product, Beautiful Hair, is famous for promoting vibrant and healthy hair, skin, and nails by nourishing Essence, Blood, and circulation. It features the supertonic herb He shou wu which is prized as not only a beauty herb, but a longevity and anti-aging tonic as well.

The third formula contains Maca root and Pearl powder for harmonizing hormonal cycles, replenishing energy, and nourishing and grounding the Spirit. Each box of Goddess Pack contains thirty individual packets.

Each packet contains the following:

two capsules each of Formula 1 

two capsules each of Formula 2

one capsule each of Formula 3

30 packets per box

5 capsules per packet

450 mg per capsule

Ideal for: Women, Busy Moms, PMS, anemia, thinning hair, skin and nails.

TCM Functions: Nourishes, vitalizes, and cleans blood, nourishes Essence. Usage: Take one packet, one or two times per day, preferably on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Can be taken any time of day.

Extract ratio: 10:1

Goddess Pack