PARFUM HARMONIE (Water Element): regenerate & ease emotions


PURPOSE: Regenerates and eases emotions. Refreshes, calms, eases jet lag, renews, and opens pathways for any transitions. The Element of Water speaks to emotions. Your heart is as water with the ability to soothe, purify, love, and heal. 

ABOUT HARMONIE: A “chypre” inspired fragrance. A walk through regenerating forests that merge with fresh sea scents. Head notes of Juniper Berries and Pear (organic extract). Held together by a Jasmine Medley (several types of jasmine, some vintage and some newly collected) at the heart, reminiscent of exotic evenings.  Resinous Labdanum, Seaweed Absolute and Choya Nakh (from sea shells) stabilize the soul at the base.

Artisan Parfums HARMONIE