New on-the-go essential oil inhaler we have lovingly formulated to assist keeping you wide-eye awakened, on your excited task at hand, and perfectly happy about it!

Creativity Booster / Heart Soother / Mind Opening / Spirit Enhancer / Joy Inspiring

ex·​al·​ta·​tion | \ ˌeg-ˌzȯl-ˈtā-shən : 1. a feeling or state of heightened happiness, well-being,  and power. 2. the act of lifting up and raising high to a greater level.


^Blue Spruce ~ (Grand Canyon, Arizona)

*Rose Damascena ~ (Sacred Valley of the Rose, Bulgaria)

^Frankincense ~ (Incense Route, Somalia)

[ *organic / ^wildcrafted ]

*These precious oils are considered the three highest frequency substances on earth.

Comes in an elegant golden inhaler bottle perfect size to keep in your pocket, purse, or handbag for repeated joyful uplifting use throughout the day!

Intentional Directions:

*** Just pop the cap, breathe deeply slowly waving the inhaler below each nostril, and feel the beauty of your day! With each delightful smell; envision all you wish you create right now and feel the powerful strength of your being to make anything possible, dreams come true! *** 

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Blue Spruce ~ instills a sense of deep peace & security while healing trauma. It is a pineal gland activator empowering visionary clarity of one’s purpose in life. Physically it nourishes the adrenals, fortifies the immune system, fights off fatigue, and assists respiratory health deepening the breath.

Rose Damascena ~ opens & soothes the heart while releasing contraction & fear. It calms the nerves relieving stress & anxiety. She brings a sense a sweet loving acceptance and pure ecstatic grace. Physically it has been scientifically shown to fight depression & anxiety, highly supports women’s health, regulates hormones, reduces inflammation, protects against viruses, calms the nervous system, and boosts the libido.

Frankincense ~ open’s our mind’s “doors of perception” instilling greater spiritual connection & availability. It has been utilized for ages in temples & holy sites for this reason along with it’s ability to vanquish negative energies and purify a space. Physically boosts memory & concentration, enhances digestive health, treats respiratory issues, clears nasal cavities promoting deeper breathing, uplifts mood while releasing feelings of anxiety & stress, and generally calms the body,

Ambrosia Exaltation Oil Inhaler